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A Cecilia Clark Photography from diamond springs ca Rain in Ngorongoro Crater
A portrait of Cecilia Clark Photography from diamond springs california

I entered college late in life, but upon taking the art requisite, I fell in love with the language of photography. I graduated from CSU Sacramento with a BA in Studio Arts and studied photographic art under Jim Ginney and Roger Vail. When I took my first photography course, the tools of the medium were film and darkroom. Now more than 30 years later, I have left the traditional darkroom behind in favor of digital images and the light of the computer screen. 

Traveling is always part of my life, and when my husband’s occupation made it possible for us to live abroad my travel photography opportunities expanded. Armed with my camera and a ready smile, I ventured out to explore my new surroundings.


My passion is learning about other cultures and capturing with photographs and words the stories of how and where people live. Throughout the years, those stories and my travel adventures have been memorialized in my blog posts. My photographic subjects are varied and reflect my interest in the glories of smaller, intimate scenes. Traveling where the “wind blows” and not knowing what photographic opportunities I will find is my personal journey of discovery.




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