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  • Cecilia Clark

Stilt Fishermen, Galle, Sri Lanka: April 4, 2024

Our most photogenic stop while in Galle was at the nearby Weligama Beach which, like Galle, is on Sri Lanka's southwest coast. The clouds and the sunset were beautiful. Upon arriving I explored the beach; one of the stilt fishermen directed me to stay at their portion of the beach and not to stray to the beach next door where a different set of stilt fishermen worked.

Not sure when the change from subsistence fishing to photographic model occurred, but stilt fishermen no longer need to fish to make ends meet although one of the guys told me he was a fisherman and came from a fishing family. A price was negotiated with their “agent” and our cooperative models took their places as the sun was setting. One of the models did catch a small fish. I photographed for about 45 minutes. When the light was gone, one of the guys washed the sand off my feet, dried my feet, and helped me into my sandals. All were happy with the arrangement.

Beautiful light, a fine sand beach, warm water, and the ocean breeze. It was a lot of fun.


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