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  • Cecilia Clark

Terceira Island, October 26 - 28, 2023

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Sunrise, Serretinha Natural Pools, Terceira Island

Continuing with the BrunoAzera photography workshop on Terceira Island.

Vila de São Sebastião

Costa das Quatro Ribeiras


The Japanese Cedars of Terceira's "Black Forest"

"Spyder" Trees growing on a densely matted slope near the Black Forest

Sunrise, Porto Martins

Terceira is an active volcanic island with several extinct volcanos and four overlapping stratovolcanoes sitting over the Terceira Rift. There is a lot of basalt around for creating Portuguese pavement and basalt fences. The patchwork design is created by those basalt dry stacked fences which are used for crops and animal confinement. In the grape growing region the basalt walls create a warm barrier to protect the vines.

Miradouro Da Serra Do Cume, Patchwork (Manta de Retalhos)

Algar do Carvão Natural Monument is a volcanic vent created after the magma retreated back to the magma chamber

Cult of the Holy Spirit Churches, Terceira Island

Angra Do Heroismo, the Azores' oldest city, the historical capitol, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site


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